Turn Your Customer Data into Customer Intelligence

Today’s greatest businesses are built on a foundation of customer data. With better data comes a better understanding of the customer behind that data. But, collecting and maintaining an accurate view of the customer is harder then ever. Gaps and inaccuracies in your current CRM, combined with the rapid growth of consumer touchpoints and profiles can quickly chip away at that essential data foundation you, as a marketer, rely upon.

It’s time to turn your customer data into customer intelligence. Whatever data you have today, Neustar will make it better. We clean, repair, and enrich your customer records with always-on Consumer Identity Management. Neustar proactively updates any changes in consumer identity to keep your intelligence as fresh as possible. By connecting offline identity data to digital engagement, Neustar gives marketers a complete customer view across all channels and touchpoints, helping the best marketers become even better.

Your first party data is powerful.

Rely on identity data you can trust. Neustar wants to ensure that you squeeze every last drop of intelligence from your data. Drawing from a repository of over 200 authoritative data sources, Neustar links this data with the fragmented signals marketers see, forming a unified and complete view of your omnichannel customers. That officially corroborated data is refreshed every 15 minutes, so you can be sure that it’s just as fresh today as it will be tomorrow, and next week.

Neustar unifies customer interactions across every channel and device into a single customer view that’s comprehensive, accurate, and authoritative.

Don’t have a CRM or usable first party data? No problem.

Neustar allows you to transform digital signals and website engagement into targetable customer profiles that you can take action on. With access to over 20k behavioral attributes and your own granular event level data, Neustar gives you the freedom and the power to synthesize smarter segmentation that that drives real results.

Building Better Intelligence One Step at a Time:

  • 1. Clean, repair, and enhance your existing customer records
  • 2. Build one view of your customers with a persistent customer ID
  • 3. Enrich identity data with demographic and behavioral attributes
  • 4. Maintain accurate customer data with always-on identity management
  • 5. Connect your offline identity data to the digital world to find new customers

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