Combine the data you already have with Neustar’s authoritative identity framework to better understand customer engagement, channel attribution, media allocation, segmentation strategy, and marketing performance. Providing hands-on white-glove support to help our clients execute and exceed their business goals through granular measurement, machine learning, and data science.


Industry and Vertical Expertise

  • A dedicated Advisory Services Analyst will guide you along the path to success with cursory industry knowledge and strategy as it relates to your specific business needs and goals.
  • Providing unique points of view and deep insight into vertical trends to accelerate growth and opportunity.
  • Marry campaign measurement with industry analysis to fine tune media allocation, segmentation, and strategy.

Customer Segmentation and Modeling

  • To run a successful business, you have to understand your customers: who they are, where they are, what they need, and how they behave. Neustar identifies your most valuable customers, locating them online and offline, precision-targeting them, and measuring how your marketing reaches them.
  • Unlock the power of your existing behavioral or audience-based segmentation and put your plan into action to boost performance and mitigate loss.
  • Discover what’s important to your most valuable customers, what content resonates the most, and what motivates them to visit your website, mobile site, or app.

Strategic Measurement and Analysis

  • Examine all your media—TV, print, radio, and other non-digital media that can be difficult to track—to determine the Media Mix Modeling that drives the most conversions.
  • Go beyond last-click attribution—identify all of the digital artifacts that led up to a conversion, from digital display to search and social programs and site content. By giving credit to each one, Neustar’s Multi-Touch Attribution enables you to measure its specific impact.
  • Determine the true ROI of your digital marketing buy—even when the purchase happens offline. Let us help you close the loop and help you understand the precise ROI of your digital ad spend across all channels.

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