Optimize ROI for Your Clients and Grow Ad Sales

Today, brands want to invest with media companies that can help them track and optimize their advertising ROI.

Benchmark Media lends a holistic view of your clients’ business by combining your data with data from leading providers, our proprietary benchmarks, and non-media influences such as the weather, CPI or gas prices.

  • Powerful and easy to use
  • Provides value-add ROI analysis in minutes
  • Shows clients how their investments are paying off
  • Offers insights on how advertisers can optimize investments in your properties

How It Works

Select industry benchmark or custom analysis

If custom, input client’s historical and proposed media plan

You tap our data inside the tool

You optimize media plans and budgets


Our Independence Helps You Sell More Ads

Using Benchmark: Media enhances your ability to make data-driven recommendations and eliminate inherent conflicts. Your clients will trust software “Powered by MarketShare” – the global leader in advanced marketing analytics.

Create Custom Media Plans

Input advertiser media plans to project incremental sales and performance metrics.

Compare to Industry Benchmarks

Compare clients’ investment allocation and performance to category benchmarks.


Identify Underinvested Areas

Demonstrate how greater investment in certain properties can improve business outcomes and overall ROI.

Optimize Allocations

Provide highly credible, data-driven recommendations for how clients can optimally allocate budgets.


Support Investment/Budget Requests

Run scenarios that build a business case to support additional media investments.


Find out how Neustar can help you succeed in the connected world.

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