Prove Value for Your Clients

Agencies, like marketers, are under increasing pressure to prove the value of media investments and show how marketing influences revenue.

Our analytics app for agencies puts new power in your hands to connect client investments to revenue and profit with hard data and marketing science – not soft metrics such as rating points and eyeballs.

Benchmark: Agency will help you win more new business and grow existing client relationships by providing specific, actionable recommendations about how your clients should be making their marketing investments.


How It Works

Enter basic information about your client

Devise and test multiple scenarios

Review recommendations

Create and calibrate a final plan

Export results and recommendations into a presentation


How It Helps

Provides a clear blueprint on how to optimize client budgets and media plans.

Adds value and legitimacy to your offering because MarketShare is an independent, objective analytics company and global leader in advanced marketing analytics technology.

  • Develop optimized marketing plans
  • Simulate different plans and branding strategies to maximize results
  • Optimize/alter current budget to improve results
  • Conduct “what if” scenarios in minutes
  • Get detailed implementation recommendations

Win new clients, serve existing clients better, boost profits.

  • Deliver data-driven recommendations
  • Provide clear guidance for budgets, allocation, media mix and in-flight course correction
  • Improve operating efficiency and reduce costs

Find out how Neustar can help you succeed in the connected world.

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