Case Study

“Recently, we helped a satellite service provider reach consumers on mobile devices,” says Jennifer Lum, Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer at Adelphic. Their DSP (demand side platform) helps top brands connect with mobile audiences to drive consumer behavior across the purchase funnel. “We blended Neustar’s offline data on brand preferences with our mobile audience data—and doubled the client’s click-through rate.”

“With better data, our client used personalized messaging to reach competitors’ customers.”

She adds, “Because Neustar has verified data at the household level, our client could target their competitor’s customers, using personalized messaging and the targeted offers. Layered data made it possible, and it worked beautifully.”

“Our clients trust Neustar’s data. They know it’s accurate.”

“Our objective is to offer our clients a broad set of ways to reliably reach mobile audiences,” says Jennifer. “In the first phase of developing our AudienceCube, we focused on mobile behavior data. An important next step was to enrich our profiles with offline purchasing data. Neustar had a great reputation, so we started talking.”

Immediately, says Jennifer, she saw that Adelphic’s data and Neustar’s enjoyed a high match rate. “Our mobile data meshed nicely with Neustar’s offline data,” she says. “That meant we could offer a highly scalable solution to advertisers who demand strong reach. “

“Many of our clients were Neustar clients too. They had already used Neustar data in channels besides mobile,” says Jennifer. “They trusted the data because they knew it was highly accurate.”

“Clients look to us for new solutions. Neustar’s a great source.”

Besides painless integration with the Neustar platform, Adelphic has enhanced its platform by offering clients self-service forecasting and targeting of Neustar data through their DSP. “We’ve designed our DSP to offer access to highly targetable mobile audiences on demand,” she says. “Clients can build audience segments, run their own forecasts and apply real-time insights to their campaigns.”

Adelphic is also planning to use Neustar CRM data in future mobile campaigns, along with closed-loop attribution. “By partnering with Neustar, we have many different solutions we can offer to our clients,” says Jennifer. “They look to us for new solutions. Neustar’s a great partner for us to work with to bring innovative new data products to market.”