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Today there are more devices than people connected to the Internet. As we enter this new world, businesses now more than ever, need to understand how people, places and things are connected. And how to maximize that connection so that it’s informative, personal and relevant.

As marketers around the world gear up for AdWeek, three areas have emerged as hot topics for 2017.

Television & Mobile: is television targeting gaining traction, or have we moved on to a mobile-first world? Now more than ever, marketers need to know how best to invest their time and dollars. Which will have a bigger impact on customer engagement? Which can better leverage data-driven techniques to deliver ROI?

Data-Driven Insights: everyone wants to be a data expert, but having data is far from enough. When will data solutions evolve into seamless, user-friendly experiences that empower anyone to ingest, activate, and report on data use in a way that drives immediate business value?

Location-Based Marketing: everything we touch, say, and do, and everywhere we go generates massive amounts of data. When this ambient data is anonymized, aggregated, and enhanced with other information and predictive algorithms, it can transform how marketers acquire and apply consumer insights to create intelligent, multichannel interactions.

Neustar is bringing together experts across the media and advertising industry to discuss these topics in depth at AdWeek. It’s part of Neustar’s continued focus on connecting people, places, and things.

Join Neustar in New York to understand how to leverage connected sciences, research and analytics to navigate this customer-centric environment while creating innovation for your clients and partners.

To learn more about our events, follow the links below:

Tuesday, September 27

Session 5: 2:35-3:35 p.m., Aquitania West Room

“Location, Location, and Micro-Location: Connecting the Real World to the Cloud Via Proximity Data”

Tuesday, September 27

4:00 p.m., Times Center Stage

The Great Debate: What’s at the Heart of Your Marketing Plan—TV or Mobile

Wednesday, September 28

5:00 p.m., ADARA Stage at Times Center Hall

Masters of Data