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Unified marketing impact analytics (UMIA) is a blend of statistical techniques that assigns business value to each element of the marketing mix at both a strategic and tactical level. To gain a full view of marketing performance, UMIA uses a combination of approaches in marketing analytics. It considers not only the full impact of all marketing and media efforts, but also the effects of non-marketing variables, such a pricing fluctuations, economic factors, and competitive intelligence.

To provide a better understanding of unified marketing impact analytics, Neustar recently commissioned Forrester Research to share its insights though a question-and-answer session with Tina Moffett, a senior analyst at Forrester. That session has been summarized in the newly released document, Forrester Q&A: Unified Marketing Impact Analytics.

The Q&A explains:

  • The benefits of UMIA
  • Which types of companies are adopting UMIA

  • The technology and data requirements for UMIA
  • How to get started with UMIA
  • How to improve your bottom line by consolidating data silos

Download the document to learn how unified marketing impact analytics can provide you with a comprehensive view of marketing performance.