close up of person watching tv with remote control pointing to tv screen

So you’re going to buy a Super Bowl ad (around here, we like to dream big).

Let’s say you sell potato chips, a favorite food of football fans everywhere. Traditionally, you’d expect your TV buys to affect only your offline marketing campaigns. Based on viewership, you might decide on which part of the country to focus further campaigns or to which households you send coupons or other mailers.

With Neustar’s new partnership with comScore’s TV service (formerly Rentrak) marketers can now extend the reach of their TV campaigns online. In other words, you no longer have to think about TV and online audiences in silos; it’s now possible to reach your TV audiences wherever they are, online and on mobile. Here are just a few ways this changes the game for marketers:

  • Combine comScore’s TV audience information with Neustar’s database of over 16,000 consumer attributes to create better-targeted, actionable segments.
  • Create custom segments to better target niche audiences. For example, you launch a line of organic potato chips and want to target customers who watch premium sports channels and buy organic. You can do that with comScore TV and Neustar.
  • Deliver a superior customer experience by using consistent messages, offers, and creative assets across your online and offline campaigns. This means consumers who view your ad during the Super Bowl can be fed a different online promotion than those who view it on a family network or during the morning news.
  • Be confident with Neustar’s identity leadership. Neustar’s authoritative identity, privacy protection and offline data means our high quality data was used at scale in our integration with comScore.

This partnership underscores Neustar’s continuing commitment to omnichannel analytics. It provides clients with the kinds of insights that increase customer engagement and enable them to grow their brand equity.

TV and online are two of the most important channels for many marketers and Neustar is excited to partner with comScore to bring the consumer insights and signals from TV to inform online marketing.