Thanksgiving is almost here. It’s time to indulge in stuffing and pie, family and friends, and of course… holiday shopping. After all, coming fast on the heels of Turkey Day are the biggest spending events of the year: Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Though it’s easy for some, you may find that shopping for the right gift can be a big challenge. But just as our clients have found, using smart data to learn what interests and motivates people can be of great help. In fact, I decided recently to look into our own trove of data and found some fascinating stats on gift giving. Would you have guessed that women who buy Louis Vuitton shoes love to watch boxing? Or that avid snowboarders spend big on their tech toys, but not on fine dining? Getting any stocking stuffer ideas?

Of course, not everyone struts around in Italian pumps or plunges down snow-covered slopes. So here are some Neustar data-backed tidbits that may be of more help in your search for gifts this holiday season:

  • Avoid clothing. As I’ve learned, upwards of 62% of Americans end up returning the clothes they receive as gifts. Instead, consider getting a gadget like an accessory for their smartphone or tablet or something for the home.
  • Consider books. Many people are reading something these days, whether in digital or print. It’s certainly a great gift choice since 62% of recipients have said they’d love to get books, and 58% of shoppers have said they plan on adding to someone else’s reading collection this holiday.
  • Say no to fruitcake. Not surprisingly, people have different tastes; so when buying food, keep it simple. And above all, don’t buy fruitcake—80% of recipients have said that fruitcake is the worse gift to get, ever.
  • Nothing says “I care” like gift cards. When all else fails, you can never go wrong with a gift card. In fact, nearly 70% of shoppers say they plan on giving gift cards this year. Although it may seem like an easy way out of shopping, it’s actually what most people (82%) say they want. Just be sure to take the recipient’s likes and preferences into account.

It turns out I had a lot of fun using Neustar data to understand what makes for good gifting decisions. Which in the end means better giving and receiving—not only for gifts, but for kisses as well. And that’s because (according to the last statistic I’ll leave you with) less than 2% of the year’s mistletoe crop has been hit by drought, so there’s plenty to go around. And plenty of opportunity to get smooched.

Have a great holiday!