“A wealth of data about consumer behaviors and attitudes,” says one analyst about the 7th Annual Local Search Study, commissioned by Neustar and partner 15miles and conducted by Comscore.

This year’s study, highlighting the cross-device nature of local search in 2014, has earned widespread media coverage. A few of our favorite pieces include:

1.  Search Engine Watch highlights the importance of multi devices in local search. “We’re operating in a multi-screen world, where users turn to multiple devices to find what they need,” said reporter Jessica Lee. Lee’s article covers what people are searching for locally, what results mobile searchers expect and how local search impacts conversion.

2. Search Engine Land analyst Greg Sterling outlined key findings from the study. “There is a wealth of data about consumer behaviors and attitudes toward local search and content discovery across platforms and devices,” he says.

3. Reporter Annie Melton offers her take on the study in Street Fight: “Consumers are increasingly turning to their mobile devices to search for local businesses when they are ready to buy, but the information they want is often inaccurate, incomplete, or non-existent,” she says.

Melton interviewed Neustar’s Brian Wool for her story. “Findings highlight the need for businesses to optimize their mobile web presence, and ensure that they provide the content which mobile searchers want,” Wool explains.

4. Direct Marketing News reports that four out of five mobile searches end in a purchase despite poor search quality. “That indicates bigger paydays for smarter mobile marketers, and the route to the pot of gold is an easy one,” says Neustar’s Mike Pycha in a direct quote. “There’s a tremendous opportunity here for companies to gain a competitive edge.”

The study surveyed more than 3,000 users of local business search sites, revealing consumers’ local search habits, especially in the fast-growing area of mobile. The study provides local businesses with actionable insights to improve their local search results and bring more customers in the door.

For a more complete picture, listen to the full webinar recording, The State of Local Search.