This week, Neustar and Facebook announced a landmark partnership to enable marketers to better understand campaign results on Facebook, Instagram, and Audience Network. It is exciting to see our partnership come to life for new advanced marketing analytics in both multi-touch attribution (MTA) and marketing mix modeling (MMM).   In fact, we are thrilled to be the only partner working with Facebook for both MTA and MMM measurement.  The ability to leverage both top-down and bottom-up insights furthers our neutral, people-centric and holistic approach to marketing measurement.

Historically, marketers have had very limited access to FB media exposure and were challenged with measuring ROI effectively. It’s easy to buy ads on Facebook, but marketers have historically come up against these challenges when trying to measure the effectiveness of those ads:

•Over 80% of Facebook usage is in mobile, where 3rd party cookies are typically blocked by default and cookie decay is high

•View tags, where allowed, have constraints by audience targeting types and ad servers

•Click tags alone do not capture the customer journey across channels and devices

Together, Neustar and Facebook sought a way to integrate Facebook exposure into Neustar MarketShare advanced attribution models.  Neustar is now working with leading advertisers to pilot the solution.  Through our partnership, advertisers can get the insights necessary to decide whether a dollar of advertising placed on a certain channel worked or not.  We are now able to help advertisers better answer questions they couldn’t answer before, such as:

  • Are my customers viewing my Facebook ad on mobile web, app or desktop?
  • Are the people who see a Facebook ad likely to purchase my product or service?
  • How is exposure to my Facebook ad affecting conversions across my other channels, such other online media, on mobile, or in a brick and mortar store?
  • Does a dollar spent on Facebook get me more customers than a dollar on other media publishers? 

The Neustar MarketShare approach is holistic in measuring the effectiveness of advertising dollars. With so many choices, marketers need better tools to understand marketing performance on every channel.  More so, the Neustar MarketShare attribution solution enables advertiser to not only make better decisions, but also enables advertisers to gain perspective on future marketing performance in order to achieve better business outcomes and return on investment (ROI).  Advertisers no longer need to default to cookie- and click-based measurement and can now access a new and unique formula augmented by people-based measurement.  The result is more accurate and complete attribution, one that utilizes privacy-safe techniques grounded in Neustar’s authoritative identity to confidently attribute and optimize their Facebook media spend.

As part of our commitment to connecting people, places, and things, Neustar is excited about how this partnership will further our ability to do people-based measurement.

Steven Wolfe Pereira, our Chief Marketing and Communications Officer, shared these insights about marketing in a connected world: “In a world where brands need to connect online with offline, it is no wonder marketers struggle to accurately identify their customers, measure, and optimize the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns.”  This new partnership helps us continue to tackle this challenge head-on.  We are thrilled to be partnering with Facebook to improve how marketers build connected customer experiences as we continue to drive the next generation of advanced attribution solutions forward.  Onwards and upwards we go!