My last post outlined three key technology challenges for marketers.

Now, I’m going to explain what Neustar is doing to help.

Our goal in 2014 is to bring our partners a single, seamless view of their current and potential customers through the media they utilize, both online and offline, based on accurate, real-time data and analytics.

But what does that actually mean?  And how do we deliver on this promise?

Neustar links up-to-date and authoritative customer intelligence – such as phone numbers, household data and name changes – with actionable insights on real-world activities including brand affinities and purchase propensities.

With this information, we provide our partners with one view of their highest potential customers.  Our data assets currently associate 14,000 different attributes to each of 116 million households. That’s right. Household by household.  Not zip code by zip code.

I love my neighbors, and we have some attributes in common, but if you’re a marketer, you don’t want to send the same message to my neighbor and me, just because we live in the same zip code.

In addition to utilizing our partners’ customer data to identify their highest potential customers, we can also provide them with a turn-key solution even if they don’t have any available first-party customer data.  This includes not only offering an incredibly easy way to identify and effectively communicate with those customers most likely to immediately act on an offer. For example: offering luxury car manufacturers the fastest way of helping their customers to drive off the lot in a brand-new car.

By combining this detailed and accurate customer intelligence with real-time, cross-channel, cross-device media intelligence in a single view, we can enable our partners to identify the best media to actually reach their audience at the appropriate frequency.

We do this in real time, while their campaign is still in market.  Our media intelligence platform works with a majority of data providers and publishers to provide an accurate and honest optimization.

While your marketing and media team have worked hard to get your audience to land on your site, but how do you decide what message to deliver? What’s the best product to promote to drive conversion and deeper brand engagement?  And what if they’re first time visitors or even cookie-free?

Using IP addresses, we obtain intelligent data that lets our partners know where, how and which organizations users are coming from.  We have the most accurate and comprehensive IP data leveraging over 30 attributes to provide geographical location, network characteristics and contextual data.

We can also identify your highest potential customers, optimize the reach and frequency of your message in real time, and even optimize the message to those anonymous inbound visitors.

Yet because it is true that most retail sales are offline, a true platform would not be complete without the ability to also measure the offline impact of your online efforts. Neustar does this and more — letting partners know what and how many customers they were actually able to impact.

In conclusion, we can help you identify and verify your highest potential customers and actually reach them online.  We can not only drive media efficiencies in reaching them, but also measure those media investments impacts offline sales.

This is an exciting moment to be active in our industry.  Because of the revolution in data and analytics, so many of the things that we have long wanted to do are now possible.

Finally, we can be more precise about whom we are reaching with a relevant offer, while being highly protective of their privacy.

For us, 2014 is all about providing a centralized marketing platform and seamless solutions that enable our partners to perform better and turn their insights into profits.

We can take advantage of the data stream without drowning in it, solve the identity crisis and give John Wanamaker his revenge, by accurately delivering marketing messages to the intended audience, without wasting half of his budget.

This post was adapted from Lisa Hook’s presentation at last week’s 2014 AdExchanger Industry Preview Conference. Click here for Part One and Part Two.