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Another piece of the omni-screen puzzle falls into place as Neustar and Tremor Video expand our partnership to include connected TV in addition to desktop and mobile.

Connected TVs are poised to dramatically reshape the television viewing experience, and the industry’s understanding of omni-screen targeting must shift to keep up. Roughly one-third of Americans own connected TVs, and one-third of connected TV owners stream digital video to their TV daily, according to IAB research. With this uptick in digital video consumption, the potential for enhanced ad targeting is significant.

Target Across All Three Screens

Neustar and Tremor Video’s expanded partnership enables them to target the right audiences across all three screens: desktop, mobile, and connected TV. A Neustar partner since 2012, Tremor Video leverages consumer-based audiences for improved precision targeting on video inventory.

This will be the first video DSP to have access to Neustar data in this fashion, a boon for advertisers seeking to reach consumers across all video platforms with one campaign. Advertisers now have more tools than ever to serve highly relevant ads to TV viewers. They have more accurate demographic data than was possible with traditional linear TV, data with aggregated and predictive behavioral and viewing habit data gleaned from set top boxes, and audience data like AdAdvisor® Audiences, part of PlatformOne.

Deliver a Consistent Message

“We’re excited to serve as Neustar’s partner on this initiative and be the first to offer this advanced connected TV targeting to our buyers,” said Katie Evans, senior vice president, Operations and Sales Strategy at Tremor Video. “Viewership on these devices continues to grow, with our own research showing that consumption often occurs during coveted primetime hours. There’s so much potential to reach consumers with powerful brand messages on CTV, and we look forward to helping marketers see the value in this screen.”

Team Neustar agrees:

“CMOs can’t ignore the figures and steep rise in adoption of connected TVs,” said Michael Schoen, vice president of Marketing Services, Neustar. “Advances in targeting beyond demographics give advertisers a golden ticket in delivering a consistent omnichannel advertising experience to consumers. At this juncture in our partnership with Tremor Video advertisers are seeing real value in our authoritative audience data especially as digital video is rising rapidly and becoming part of the living room,” he added.

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